Tablets from smoking Zyban without nicotine

Zyban — a new pill against smoking. Unlike many analogues, they do not contain nicotine and affect those areas of the brain that are responsible for pleasure. The process of giving up cigarettes takes place without stress and unpleasant symptoms.

With the help of order zyban, nicotine dependence is now being treated, but initially its active substance was used for other purposes. The drug is amfebutamine — an atypical antidepressant, which is also known under the names Bupropion and Velbutrin. The composition of Ziban is based on bupropion hydrochloride.

The drug is potent, has 2 principal differences from analogues. It does not contain nicotine, and also differs by the mechanism of its action. If antidepressants, which are selective inhibitors, reverse the seizure of serotonin, then Zyban re-engages the two hormones: norepinephrine and dopamine.

The drug has been produced since 1997, has a certificate confirming the admissibility of its use in the treatment of dependence on tobacco. However, unlike Bupropion, Zyban has not yet been registered on the territory of the Russian Federation as a medicinal product, therefore, domestic doctors prescribe it quite rarely.

Treatment of tobacco dependence with the use of this drug for a short time and requires accompanying psychological counseling. According to statistics, in most cases Zyban alleviates the craving for cigarettes and the severity of signs of withdrawal syndrome.

Mechanism of action

Zyban is the first means of smoking, which has non-therapeutic, namely, healing properties. This fact was proved during drug testing in the US and Europe.

Zyban is not a nicotine substitute, and its effectiveness is provided by the action of the main ingredient in its composition — bupropion. It influences directly the mechanism of dependence development.

Zyban affects the brain, or rather, the zones responsible for obtaining pleasure, and supports the production of dopamine. Due to the properties of the antidepressant, it reduces the psychological discomfort of a person when he refuses a bad habit and prevents the appearance of craving for a cigarette. As a result, people gradually lose the desire to smoke.

Instructions for use

Instructions for the use of tablets Zyban from smoking The ziban is dispensed from pharmacies only on prescription, the duration of treatment and dosage should be prescribed by a doctor. Self-administration of the drug is not allowed.

Between smoking medication should wait at least 8 hours. If, for any reason, another tablet intake has been missed, you should continue to adhere to the schedule.

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